FLXGLAS® HT Treated Fiberglass Fabrics
FLXGLAS® HT Treated Fiberglass Fabrics
welding blankets, welding curtains and welding pads

FLXGLAS® HT consistently outperforms standard and vermiculite coated fiberglass fabrics in continuous high temperature applications.

Product Description
FLXGLAS® HT is a inorganic treated premium grade fiberglass fabric designed for continuous high temperature applications that exceed the 900°F (485°C) limitation for standard fiberglass fabric. FLXGLAS® HT fabrics withstand temperature extremes up to 1,300°F (700°C), with no significant deterioration in flexibility or strength.

FLXGLAS® HT fabrics are available in plain and satin weave patterns. Plain weave is recommended for fabrication applications while the satin weave is recommended for any application requiring a smooth surface.

Potential Applications
  • Expansion Joints - Plain/Satin Weave
  • Turbine Covers - Plain/Satin Weave
  • Removable Insulation Wraps - Plain/Satin Weave
  • Welding Curtains - Plain/Satin Weave
  • Heat Barriers - Plain/Satin Weave
  • High Temperature Insulation - Plain/Satin Weave
  • Tank Gaskets - Plain/Satin Weave
  • Automotive Mirror Bending - Satin Weave Special Use